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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing nfpa 72 2021

Instructions and Help about nfpa 72 2021

Welcome to Len course tutorial on ambient sound sound masking and NFPA 72 as it relates to mass notification systems and life safety the National Fire Protection Association or NFPA is a governing code body devoted to eliminating death injury property and economic loss due to fire electrical and related hazards their code 72 specifically addresses fire alarms and mass notification systems the code starts with a risk assessment of potential threats and the means to respond to those threats len core has developed systems that meet the code and conform to the UL 2572 standard for mass notification systems as conducted by a nationally recognized testing laboratory the 2010-2021 and 2021 versions of the national fire protection association z' code 72 fire alarm and signaling has widespread adoption code changes occur in order to improve our built environment and to ensure occupant safety if you look around you probably won't see a round doorknob on an exit door the reasoning for this is that at one point in time the code body assessed the situation and came to the conclusion that for some it was difficult to twist a knob this caused a safety concern therefore they changed the code to a lever door handle in order to allow those with difficulties to exit safely let's look specifically at ambient sound and NFPA 72 the intention of the code is to pran effective and intelligible means to communicate in the event of a fire weather or human related threat emergency to be clear NFPA 72 calls for the shutdown of all ambient sounds that may impede on the intelligibility of the emergency communications any noise that is produced mechanically or electronically is capable of being shut down during a life safety emergency this could include but is not limited to waterfalls and lobby areas HVAC equipment background music sound masking systems and more chapter 3 of the fire alarm and signaling code is all about definitions specifically looking at emergency communication systems the Code defines a combination system and I'm paraphrasing here as various emergency communication systems serve through a single control system or an interconnection of several control systems the annex of the code gives examples for the purpose of clarification and specifically calls out sound masking chapter 10 which is all about fundamentals describes requirements for equipment suitability and compatibility as an example there is a standard in the AV industry known as ul six zero zero six five this is an important standard that we all take for granted you may have an LG TV a sona soundbar a samsung DVD player or an apple TV all of these devices are UL six zero zero six five which means that they have been tested to a certain standard to operate together without harming another component this includes the creation of electrostatic when you drag the plug across the carpet so chapter 10 of the NFPA 72 code says that the components must meet.