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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing nfpa 25 quarterly inspection form

Instructions and Help about nfpa 25 quarterly inspection form

Good afternoon everyone we are getting ready to get started with our web entities webinar the fire sprinkler presentation by skip Johnson with Grinnell fire protection solutions and this is Michelle with Missouri healthcare so thank you for joining us we this class for those who need the CEUs administrators to use is worth one administrative hour and we will send that information for you to fill out after the webinar is done for you to complete for those who participated and need the CEU I think that's so and as skip is presenting please if you have any questions type those out and I will be watching that question box and sharing those questions with skip as we go through so he can answer your questions as we go I think that's all I've got skip I'm going to go ahead and turn this over to you okay Thank You Michelle well thank you for having us here for through the webinar I'll get right into it livid about myself I've been doing fire sprinklers now since 1989 started with Grinnell Fire Protection and many of you have known me is skipped with simplex Grinnell and now the Tycho's gone and Johnson Controls is bought Tyco so then it was Johnson Controls fire protection that since they like the Grinnell brand that is 150 years old I've come full circle and now we're just going to be Grinnell again as far as fire sprinklers are concerned our fire alarm and weather suppression departments will be known as Johnson Controls but as you know me with fire sprinklers I am just going to be Grinnell fire protection that being said my my major vertical markets are long-term care specifically health care and long-term care I'm also a member of one other Association host hospitality and hotel lodging association Kansas City surprisingly the hospitality group Association is very much similar to long-term care a lot of the same needs as a required bike safety what we're going to talk about today so if some of you know a lot about fire sprinkler systems some of you know very little so we're going to do a quick brief 101 review of sprinkler systems myths the misinformation of sprinkler systems pipe burst which I'm sure many of us have experienced are ready in this cold winter owners requirements for maintaining their sprinkler systems periodic maintenance requirements for fire sprinkler systems common problems that affect sprinkler performance as it relates to NFPA thirteen requirements and then we'll close with the most common deficiencies that we know from our own inspections kind of getting into a little bit about how it all works there are two standards that fire fire sprinkler companies used for fire sprinkler systems the first standard is NFPA 13 that's how we start with basically a blank sheet of paper before it turns into sprinkler system and it tells us how to design a sprinkler system and what's allowed what's.