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Instructions and Help about NFPA Inspection and Testing

All right let's we got the camera going mr. DeMille I'm ready for my close-up all right here we go all right so again guys welcome Jim Lake with Viking corporation vice-president training and basically what we have set up today is a an over explore over all exploration of NFPA 25 based on primarily what the common questions are the questions that we're going to set up today are not necessarily the hardest questions but one of the things we need to understand about NFPA 25 that's different than say NFPA 13 is they NFPA 25 deals in other has a lot of opinions written into it and a lot of people with varying opinions on that work on the committee that writes it so it's it in a sense it has you know a lot of discussions about alright what's the appropriate means to inspect what's the appropriate means to to test something or to maintain it and as opposed to NFPA 13 which when we take a look at the you know the laws that govern kind of how water flows through a sprinkler system as it's physics it's there's basically calculations and at some point every argument is going to run into well law of physics how much water can we put through that pipe how much pressure can the fight take how much you know how does water flow out of that sprinkler so in NFPA 25 a lot of this was maintenance a lot of these or assuming as is opinion so it's some of it has got some hard data behind it a lot of it doesn't it's just common best practices that kind of built this so what you wind up with a lot of it is whatever we ask these you know when we ask these 20 20 questions on 25 you play this game of 20 questions a lot of time it's depending on your perspective coming in you may have a different answer you may hold that answer to be absolutely true but it's going to be a little different than the person on the other side here and there's and there's no ultimate law of physics or anything that says no no it's going to have to work this way because water is only going to flow through a pipe this way in this case you've got the building owners NFPA 25 that deal with NFPA 25 they own the system then you have the authorities having jurisdiction of the responsibility for applying the law the state law that requires sprinkler systems to be inspected tested and maintained and then you've got the contractor whose job it is to help the owner comply with the law and the law is in FPA 25 so how does the contractor then through through not through their knowledge of NFPA 25 help the owner who really doesn't know much about NFPA 25 they don't they hardly know that they've even.

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